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Cardwell Nursery Garden Centre covers 16 acres of land and the nursery takes up approximately 7 of these acres. 60% of the plants we sell in the garden centre are grown in our nursery. At present we have 3 glasshouses, 1 of which is heated and 14 polytunnels with more being planned . We also have 3 open beds at the top end of the nursery.




Each of the glasshouses and tunnels has its own watering system, mainly overhead sprinklers but we also use capillary mats. This method ensures that the plants foliage is not damaged in the watering process as water is drawn up through the roots. This method is mainly used for architectural plants such as Phormiums.




All the soil we use for potting and planting is mixed by ourselves and all the water used for the plants is collected from the surrounding hills and stored in the nursery. In addition to the collected water we also receive water from a natural spring which is treated and used in the garden centre and restaurant areas.



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