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Shrub Stock Lists

The following list shows the basic plants that we stock most of the year.

 Over and above these we keep hundreds of varieties of Alpines, Herbaceous, Herbs, Heathers, Bedding Plants and so on, infact everything you would expect to get at a good nursery.

 We are one of the few Garden Centres that grow a lot of our own plants, make up our own hanging baskets and containers and are able to tell you how to look after them.

 Prices shown are reasonably accurate but are subject to change depending on availability and quality. We regularly have special offers on end of line and on surplus stocks. For the larger buyer we will quote special prices for quantities, both private and commercial.

 Should you want to know more about a plant, how to keep it! Or how to plant it etc, there are many reference books available with some of the simplest being the P.B.I.  Dr. D.G. Hessayon range.

 We always keep various books at our Information Centre and check-out, our staff are qualified and always willing to help.


Pieris Flaming Silver                 Agapanthus Blue                   Euonymus Alatus











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